BPSF_ErykHaapajoki-4x5Hometown: Brainerd, MN

Family: Three amazing Kids – Courtney 22, Alex 16 and Jake 13

Hobbies: Spending time with my kids, Hiding out,  Any Sporting event and Rock N Roll…….

Volunteering: The Brainerd Basketball Association Board, Brainerd Men’s Softball Tournament Director, Brainerd Community Action Board, Hairball Rocks Brainerd Committee, Warrior Fest, and Brainerd Youth Athletic Association

Current employer and job title: CTC Sales Manager

What makes the BPSF mission meaningful to you?  The Greatest Resource we have is our Children.  They are our future and deserve everything we can give them.  Teachers, administrators, district employees and all educational resources deserve the best we can give them plus more.  By working together we can all make a difference in our children’s future, which effects everyone past, present and forever! An excellent Education System  is the brick and motor of our society and community.   I Love making a difference and helping that happen!